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Something like a dream
By Yuri

Maybe…maybe I’m foolish if I say:
I love you!
Maybe…maybe you are stupid if you
Don’t believe me!
Maybe ist’s just a dream.
You seem to be near,
But I can’t see you,
Can’t touch you,
Can’t feel you.
You are too far away.
But I long for you.
But I need you.
But I love you…
No matter what happens.
Maybe some day I will realize that there’s no future for us.
At the Moment I don’t want to see the truth.
It scares me.

Just a Shadow
By Yuri

Just a shadow in the eyes of a lover.
Just a shadow in the eyes of a loved ohne.
Just the light of a little candle…
Not warm, not bright…
But enough to show the tears and the sad smile.
It’s enough to show the blood,
To show death.
I will die and you will cry for me…
Please don’t cry!
I love you!!!

Yuri am 31.1.07 21:43

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